Tailor Made…


ALBERTI, ever since the company came into being, has excelled in using its specialized skills in custom-making jewellery to meet any customer’s requirements, including that of bringing together any one piece from our wide range of jewellery with their own stone, whatever its size or shape, so as to give life to a piece which is unique to them alone.

With an eye to maintaining high quality standards, and containing expenses, ALBERTI is virtually unique as we are one of the few international companies in a position to control, up close, our full production cycle from the designing process to production and directly selling to our customers. This enables ALBERTI to create an individual piece for each client that is affordable, while maintaining an extremely high standard of production and overseeing each and every phase from the first spark of the dream to its culmination in the finished bespoke piece.

This is our concept of tailoring, of building a jewel which is, at the same time, traditional in craftsmanship and innovative and personal in its design. We pride ourselves, most of all, on being able to give a service which satisfies and mirrors each of our customers’ needs.